Credit repurchase for all

The repurchase of credit is a banking operation allowing a borrower to adapt the amount of his monthly payments to his financial situation. Can be carried out by all borrowers, this type of operation can rebalance the budget of a household by integrating different types of loans in this project.

What is the repurchase of credit?

The repurchase of credit is a financial operation allowing a household to consolidate in whole or in part its loans in progress with the aim of reducing the monthly repayments or the duration of repayment.

In the event that the household wishes to reduce the amount of their monthly payments, the latter may obtain new reimbursement conditions including a longer reimbursement period. With this extension of the term, the household splits its debt and will repay smaller sums until the end of the credit.

In the event that the household wishes to reduce its repayment duration, the new repayment conditions may include a shorter duration but including a higher monthly payment due to the reduction in debt.

It is important to remember that an extension of the repayment period can lead to an increase in the cost of credit.

Who is the credit buyout for?

credit buyout for

The repurchase of credit is addressed to all the people needing conditions of repayment adapted to their current financial situations.

As a result, everyone can claim this type of operation, whether the borrower is an employee of the private sector, a civil servant, a professional or even retired.

Regarding the situation of the borrower, the owners, the tenants and the people accommodated can claim this operation.

Which loans should be included in a loan buy-back?

Which loans should be included in a loan buy-back?

There are many loans that can be part of a credit group and generally concern home loans and consumer loans.

Thus, it is quite possible to buy back a mortgage, a car loan, a revolving credit (revolving credit) and many others. It is also possible to redeem certain debts such as a bank overdraft, an acknowledgment of debt, housing tax or tax delay.

However, loans under agreement such as the PTZ (Zero Rate Loan) or PAS (Social Accession Loan) have no interest in being part of the operation, these debts being interest-free.

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