Decreased volumes at Coonoor tea auction due to adverse weather conditions

For the sale of 29 of the Coonoor Tea Trade Association auctions which will be held on Thursday and Friday after Bakrid holidays in many countries, a volume of 23.84 lakh kg is offered.

This is up to 1.20 lakh kg less than the bid for last week’s auction.

The drop in supply is believed to be due to a drop in production due to unfavorable weather conditions. “The present times are not conducive to high-quality production of high-volume tea,” said Ramesh Chander, president of the Nilgiris Small Tea Growers’ Association. Activity area.

“There has been a strong wind for the past ten days, which has made the tea leaves look like paper without the necessary juice. This will affect the quality of the tea made. In the absence of sun for a few days and the majority of small producers engaged in the local festival ‘Devahabba’ of the Baduga community last week, we expect a 20% drop in tea production until the end of August ” , did he declare.

Of the 23.84 lakh kg offered for this week’s auction, up to 22.65 lakh kg belong to the CTC variety and only 1.19 lakh kg to the Orthodox variety. In the loose leaf tea counter, only 78,000 kg belong to the Orthodox while 17.41 lakh kg, CTC. Among the dust tea, only 41,000 kg belong to the Orthodox while 5.24 lakh kg, CTC. In total, 18.19 lakh kg belong to Leaf grades and 5.65 lakh kg belong to Dust grades.

Pascoes Woodlands green tea, auctioned by Paramount Tea Marketing (SI) P Ltd, topped the auction last week when Shree Ganesh Tea Trading Company bought it for 305 kg. Among CTC teas, Homedale Estate’s Broken Orange Pekoe Fanning grade, auctioned by Global Tea Brokers, surpassed when Tea Services India Pvt Ltd bought it for 297 per kg.

Quotes with brokers indicated 75-77 per kg for Plain Leaf grades and 156-198 for top grades. For ordinary dust grades, they ranged from 77 to 84 and for the best grades, from 174 to 216.

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