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Prerna Kalra’s busy schedule meant it was a constant challenge to bring home cooked meals to work every day.

“I barely had time to prepare breakfast or lunch and wanted to eat fresh, homemade food. Food delivery was just getting tedious, expensive, and just didn’t fit my schedule between meetings, ”she says.

During one of her working visits to China, she came across vending machines that dispense almost all types of fresh food – from fruit to momos and more.

Upon her return, she and Vidya Bhushan, her colleague from Paytm, went into research mode to see if the idea of ​​setting up food kiosks in India was feasible. She found that even with over 3,500 home services in 2017, getting food into the home was not easy.

Daalchini co-founder Prerna Kalra knew from the start that providing fresh food from an unmanned kiosk would be a technology intensive and operational endeavor.

An inspired Prerna, with Vidya, began Daalchini Technologies in August 2017. The Delhi-based startup offers instant, affordable and healthy home-cooked meals to professionals through its IoT-enabled phygital vending machines (physical and digital).

The need for solid service was clearly there – and this is what Daalchini wanted to exploit.

“There were several reasons for this. The logistics infrastructure of tiffin services was not in place to meet high demand. The lack of affordable distribution channels doubles the final cost to the consumer. Customers are willing to pay this additional cost for restaurant food, but are unwilling to pay for home-cooked meals that meet their daily nutritional needs, ”said Prerna.

She explains that there was a variance of Rs 40 on each delivery cost and a delivery time of 40 minutes, which was not acceptable to customers.

Starting with two smart vending machines in April 2018 in Delhi-NCR, the foodtech startup has now installed over 140 machines in offices, hospitals, hostels, and more, to instantly deliver healthy and affordable homemade food.

Since its inception, DaalChini has experienced a steady increase in the number of orders per month. In 2019, the start was 7,000 orders per day and saw growth of over 15% month-over-month.

The impact of the pandemic

In March 2020, the team was considering further geographic expansion when the pandemic struck.

“In the beginning it was about determining survival and thinking about how we might grow our business. We started our business in April 2018 after developing the product for about six months. We went from two kiosks to 50 in FY19, and from 50 to 200 in FY20. That’s when the pandemic hit the country and we had to go from 77% in corporate offices to a much wider range of hospitals, manufacturing and pharmaceutical companies, transit options. like taxis / buses and residential complexes.

“In the fourth quarter of fiscal 21, we went from 200 to 310 and now to over 510 kiosks by expanding the reach of our solution and registering Rs 3 crore + GMV. As we grow, we should be able to achieve a monthly turnover rate of Rs 12 crore by the end of fiscal year 22. “

Daalchini was able to achieve this growth by convert its 90 pantries at the Reliance Industries factory in Jamnagar into digital contactless kiosks. These are 100% cashless, app-based and contactless.

The company recently outlined its plans to increase the number of vending machines from 400 to 600, in cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Goa, Chandigarh, Mohali, etc.

It also creates a sub-99 food store to enable brands of all food and beverage categories (frozen, chilled, meal kits, snacks, bakery, immune boosters, healthy / energy drinks, yogurts, etc. ) to reach their target customers and help them evolve rapidly in several geographies.

“When the pandemic struck, the first order of business was to see how our team was doing. We kept working to make sure they stay safe and have no issues. The health and safety of the team has been a priority for us, ”says Prerna.

Daalchini co-founder Prerna Kalra says hard work and resilience always pays off.

Focus on homemade meals

A typical day for home chefs working with Daalchini starts around 3 a.m. They prepare fresh food daily with prescribed recipes and ingredients and make sure it meets food safety standards.

The food is then refrigerated, packaged and transported to the respective kiosks by the distribution force through bicycles and vans. Daalchini Quick Bites are priced at Rs 34 and meal combos cost up to Rs 79. Other packaged snacks and drinks are between Rs 10 and Rs 99. The average order value is around Rs 29. .

Prerna knew when she first started that offering fresh food from an unmanned kiosk would be a technology intensive and operational business.

“As we (Vidya and I) both came from product, technology and operational background, we knew we would need someone to bring food expertise to our end,” said Prerna The team roped people with that expertise to start.

Daalchini provides professionals with instant, affordable and healthy home-cooked meals through its IoT-enabled vending machines.

Daalchini was started with funding from the two founders. He has so far raised Rs 11 crore over the past two years from Micro-VC Artha Venture Fund and a few well-known angel investors like Ajay Kaul (former CEO, Dominos India), Renu Satti (VP, Paytm and former CEO, Paytm Bank), Pradyumna Agarwal (Director, Temasek) and Amit Lakhotia (CEO, Park +) and a few others.

“As we adapt to the pandemic, we plan to raise new funds to expand our solution beyond 10 cities and the form factor to more use cases,” Prerna said. She adds that physical retail remains strong in India, and Daalchini “wants to be a big part of that growth.”

Today, despite the pandemic, Prerna says the team and the company are working on a high growth trajectory.

Counseling women, Prerna says, “Hard work always pays off. Whether you are funded or not, whether you are in the media or not, hard work and resilience always works. These things have always worked for me.

Edited by Teja Lele Desai
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FLIRT4FREE REVIEW. Enter Flirt4Free sex chat https://www.tenil.net/flirt4free-review-enter-flirt4free-sex-chat/ https://www.tenil.net/flirt4free-review-enter-flirt4free-sex-chat/#respond Wed, 04 Aug 2021 00:38:32 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/flirt4free-review-enter-flirt4free-sex-chat/

FLIRT4FREE REVIEW. Enter Flirt4Free sex chat

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A Look at Depression – The Fort Morgan Times https://www.tenil.net/a-look-at-depression-the-fort-morgan-times/ https://www.tenil.net/a-look-at-depression-the-fort-morgan-times/#respond Tue, 03 Aug 2021 23:26:15 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/a-look-at-depression-the-fort-morgan-times/

Did you know that one in ten adults suffers from depression?

Mental health issues are one of the most common reasons to see a doctor, but many people don’t know how mental illness is diagnosed or treated.

What are the symptoms of depression?

Depression is the most common type of mental illness and can affect people in different ways.

Most people with depression experience sadness, bad mood, frequent crying, hopelessness or hopelessness, while others may also notice a lack of emotions. These feelings usually occur more days than not and can make it harder for people to function.

People with depression may also experience weight changes, fatigue, slower speech, difficulty concentrating or remembering, loss of interest in their hobbies, getting too much or too little sleep, feeling anxious or feeling overly guilty.

Characteristics of depression include: hallucinations or thoughts of suicide, self-harm, or thoughts of hurting others. If you are feeling suicidal, please call 911 or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 1-800-273-8255, immediately.

What causes depression?

While the exact cause of depression is unclear, many studies indicate that changes in brain structure and chemical balance contribute to depression. As such, depression is a medical illness.

It also causes changes throughout the body and can affect many systems in the body outside of the brain.

Depression is more common in young adults and the elderly, and is more common in women than in men. People with medical conditions are also more likely to develop depression.


If you have any of the symptoms listed above or have any concerns about your mood, please see your primary care provider. Your doctor will take a detailed history and can give you a questionnaire to check the severity of your depression.

Many other mental health disorders have similarities to depression, including: bipolar disorder, anxiety, ADHD, and grief, so it’s important to tell your doctor as much as possible about your symptoms. You may also be evaluated for other medical conditions that can cause similar symptoms.


There are many benefits to treating depression, including improved mood and energy, better daily functioning, and even improvements in medical conditions like heart disease.

In people with depression, chemicals in the brain are different from those in a healthy brain, which is why drug treatments aim to restore the brain’s chemical balance. There are several types of medications that can be used, and most depression medications are taken daily. If you need medication, your doctor will help you find medications that are right for you.

In addition to medication, many people with depression also benefit from counseling (also called therapy) with a behavioral health specialist, such as a counselor or psychologist.

For people with more severe depression, counseling and drug treatment may be needed.

Depression can last a lifetime, but can also go away within months or years. People suffering from depression should therefore make sure to consult their medical team regularly.

Colorado Plains Medical Center, in collaboration with community health care partners, such as the Salud Family Health Center, is proud to partner with the Fort Morgan Times to bring relevant, health-related information and awareness to communities. that we serve. Please search for our articles in the Fort Morgan Times bi-weekly.

Dr Claire Bovet is a family physician at the Salud Family Health Center.

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After struggling with his only drug for years, Marinus leverages positive data for European marketing deal – Endpoints News https://www.tenil.net/after-struggling-with-his-only-drug-for-years-marinus-leverages-positive-data-for-european-marketing-deal-endpoints-news/ https://www.tenil.net/after-struggling-with-his-only-drug-for-years-marinus-leverages-positive-data-for-european-marketing-deal-endpoints-news/#respond Tue, 03 Aug 2021 21:05:29 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/after-struggling-with-his-only-drug-for-years-marinus-leverages-positive-data-for-european-marketing-deal-endpoints-news/

After a series of painful setbacks, Marinus experienced something of a rebirth last year when he offered late stage positive insight into his only drug, ganaxolone, in a genetic condition that causes early epilepsy. Today, CEO Scott Braunstein associates that success with an NDA submission and working with Finnish pharmaceutical company Orion to market the candidate in Europe.

Orion is investing around $ 30 million upfront (€ 25 million) and $ 115 million in biobucks (€ 97 million) for the exclusive rights to market oral and intravenous formulations of ganaxolone in the EU, at United Kingdom and Switzerland for the treatment of CDKL5 deficiency disorder (CDD), tuberous sclerosis of Bourneville (TSC) and refractory status epilepticus (ESR).

Braunstein has just submitted an NDA for the oral version of the candidate, a GABA / A receptor modulator, on CDD – and he plans to file a case with European regulators in the third quarter of this year. If all goes well, oral ganaxolone could hit the European market in mid-2022.

Braunstein took the helm back in 2019, after ganaxolone stumbled in several studies on epilepsy, fragile X syndrome, and postpartum depression.

“We were about to sink a year ago,” he said. Terminal news Last year. “We didn’t have the equivalent of a year of cash.

Next came data from the Phase III Marigold trial, which showed CDD patients treated with ganaxolone saw a median 30.7% reduction in the frequency of major motor seizures over 28 days, compared to a reduction in 6.9% for those on placebo (p = 0.0036). In an open-label extension study, patients taking ganaxolone saw a reduction of 49.6%. The drug was well tolerated, with the most common side effect being drowsiness, according to the company.

After reading the baseline data, BARDA offered Marinus $ 21 million and an additional $ 30 million chance to support biotechnology work on an IV version for refractory status epilepticus. While the oral dosage is for chronic conditions, the IV formulation is designed to deliver a high dosage over a short interval for acute and severe medical conditions, Braunstein said.

“It’s pretty amazing to think we’ve been moved away, we’ve raised over $ 200 million in capital, we’ve now filed our first NDA, (and) we’re going to announce this European partnership,” he said. declared. And they did it all by following distance yoga twice a week.

But it was not all smooth sailing. While the company was due to provide Phase III data on CSR in the first half of 2022, that reading was pushed back to the second half of 2022. Braunstein blamed the delay on the pandemic, which he said caused staff turnover. and delayed things. at test sites.

“I am really proud of the team, of the number of achievements they have continued to achieve in an incredibly difficult time,” said Braunstein. “We had a little stumble here in Q2, but (I’m) pretty confident we’ll bounce back.”

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Sweden recognizes Covishield as valid for travel, says Klas Molin https://www.tenil.net/sweden-recognizes-covishield-as-valid-for-travel-says-klas-molin/ https://www.tenil.net/sweden-recognizes-covishield-as-valid-for-travel-says-klas-molin/#respond Tue, 03 Aug 2021 13:50:30 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/sweden-recognizes-covishield-as-valid-for-travel-says-klas-molin/

Sweden recognizes Covishield, the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine made in India by the Serum Institute of India, as a valid vaccine against Covidfor traveling to the region because it is certified by the World Health Organization (WHO), the said Swedish Ambassador to India, Klas Molin.

The country will also accept Covaxin, made by Bharat Biotech, as a valid vaccine once the WHO gives it the go-ahead, Molin said in an interview with Activity area.

“We believe in respecting the recommendations of the WHO and Covishield is definitely recognized. When the WHO approves Covaxin and puts it on its list, so will Covaxin, ”Molin said.

Wait for the nod for Covaxin

The WHO accreditation process for Covaxin is ongoing and the required information requested by the health agency is being submitted.

Sweden, which has a surplus of AstraZeneca vaccines, is ready to share it with other countries, including India, but only through the Covax initiative.

“The Swedish authorities ordered a large number of doses early on, including vaccines manufactured by AstraZeneca. As the vaccinations continued and it turned out that we had excess capacity, the government decided to redirect a large quantity to the WHO for use in the context of the program. operation Covax. In other words, it is not reserved but rather decided by the WHO, ”he said.

The Swedish government’s announcement in May this year to share 1 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccine with the Covax facility followed its decision not to vaccinate people under 65 with AstraZeneca. The country is now in talks to provide more vaccine doses to the WHO.

On the possible relaunch of the India-EU free trade agreement, Molin said Sweden was pleased to see progress made at the India-EU virtual summit in May this year.

“The high-level mechanism created has proven to be a very useful and constructive tool for moving forward, and we believe that the seriousness of the intention is evident on both sides. There are still obstacles and such an undertaking is not without difficulties. But we firmly believe that it is in the mutual interest and that it will greatly facilitate the exchanges, which will benefit people on both sides, ”he said.

If the FTA comes with an investment protection agreement, that would be very, very positive, he added.

While an investment protection deal will certainly be welcomed by more than 250 Swedish companies operating in India, including well-known names like Ikea and H&M, no one intends to step down in the meantime. “If you ask companies, they will tell you that they would like to see an investment protection agreement. The absence of one does not mean they are leaving India. But of course, having such an agreement adds security and predictability for FDI, ”he said.

Regarding possible areas for future cooperation, the ambassador said that sustainable and smart transport, with an emphasis on alternative fuels and renewable energies and the electrification of highways and vehicles, is essential. Switching from waste to energy was another promising area for sharing expertise.

“Today, there are entire districts, cantons and companies that are self-sufficient. The biogas produced by waste processing is, for example, used in buses transporting commuters to school and to work. Imagine if we could make whole cities like this in India too! “, did he declare. “, did he declare.

India and Sweden are discussing such collaborations under the Joint Action Plant and the Joint Innovation Partnership.

Meet the ministers

The Swedish Ambassador has already met the new Minister of Science and Technology, Jitender Singh, and the Minister of Communications, Electronics, Information Technology and Railways, Ashwini Vaishnaw.

“I am honored that they took the time soon after taking office to sit down and discuss with me how India and Sweden can cooperate even more closely on innovation, sustainability and creation. opportunities and jobs for green growth for all, ”he added.

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A consortium ready to locally produce vaccines against the coronavirus – PMAG https://www.tenil.net/a-consortium-ready-to-locally-produce-vaccines-against-the-coronavirus-pmag/ https://www.tenil.net/a-consortium-ready-to-locally-produce-vaccines-against-the-coronavirus-pmag/#respond Tue, 03 Aug 2021 12:30:28 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/a-consortium-ready-to-locally-produce-vaccines-against-the-coronavirus-pmag/

The Ghana Pharmaceutical Association (PMAG) has formed a consortium ready to leverage the country’s efforts to produce COVID-19 vaccines locally.

According to the association, the consortium, made up of local pharmaceutical companies with knowledge and operational skills in vaccine production, hopes for accelerated efforts by the government to make the country the first to produce vaccines on the continent, and take advantage of that of accelerating economic growth and boosting the fortunes of the sector.

PMAG Executive Secretary Lucia Addae Ntiri told B&FT at this year’s Ghana Pharma Award that the local pharmaceutical industry is about to make history.

His comments follow President Nana Akufu-Addo’s quest to support vaccine production locally as the global shortage hampers the country’s socio-economic recovery plans.

“We believe everything he says. I can tell you authoritatively that right now we have formed a consortium, a group of companies that have come together to make sure that even though this is about ‘a viral or bacterial lineage opportunity for vaccine manufacturing, the nation can make.

“The consortium is bringing together good brains who have been manufacturing for good years to make this happen. The creation of the National Vaccine Institute would determine how quickly the local industry would receive support to get into vaccine production,” she said. . .

She added that the industry hopes that the gathered experts will come up with ideas that will enable the proposed National Vaccine Institute to become an authority in vaccine production in the country and the continent.

“If they can support us, like the Serum Institute of India, to take out a license that can make the COVID-19 vaccine like the AstraZeneca.

Once we have this institute, that means we are covered when it comes to research and development, finance, human resources and all the structures needed to make it a reality. He’s tall and has potential. We just need to be able to align the roadmap, be very committed to it and ensure that government and non-government agencies are working to be successful, ”she said.

President Akufo-Addo, in his 26th address to the nation on the government’s efforts in the fight against the pandemic, said: “The global vaccine shortage means that we need to develop our capacity to produce our own vaccines at the national level and reduce our dependence on foreign supplies. We must be self-sufficient in this regard in the future and better prepare to deal with such events in the future.

“To this end, the committee that I created under the leadership of the world-renowned Ghanaian scientist, Professor Kwabena Frimpong Boateng, to study Ghana’s potential as a vaccine manufacturing center to meet national and regional needs has presented its preliminary report. Which, among others, recommends the creation of a National Vaccine Institute to lead this development.

The government has committed to inject some twenty-five million US dollars (US $ 25 million) in seed funding this year into this entire venture. “

Ms. Addae Ntiri said government efforts must be complemented by local pharmaceutical players, the very reason for the formation of the consortium.


The third Ghana Pharma Awards produced 47 winners, both individuals and companies.

Excellence In Pharma: Formulation, was Center for Research and Pharmaceutical Research Entrance; Excellence in Pharma: Packaging, M&G Pharmaceuticals; Retailer of the Year, Ernest Chemist; Exporter of the Year, Tobinco Pharmaceuticals; Importer of the Year, Unicom.

The marketing campaign of the year was Man-Up, Unichem Ghana; Promising Company of the Year, Shalina Healthcare; Excellence in Customer Service, Ernest Chemist; Excellence in HSEQ, pharmaceutical entry, emerging brand of the year, chemist assistant.

For Promising CEO of the Year, Amrit Pal Singh of Shalina Healthcare chose him. Promising Entrepreneur of the Year, Kofi Addo-Agyekum, CEO of Kofikrom Ltd; Excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility, M&G Pharmaceuticals; Research Company of the Year-Pharma, Entry Pharmaceuticals; Research Company of the Year-Herbal, Center for Plant Medicine Research.

The herbal brand of the year was Medimoses Clinic and Herbal Center; Herbal Company of the Year, Center for Plant Medicine Research; Health and Wellness Company of the Year, Max International; Herbal Product of the Year, Tinatett Venecare by Tinattet Herbal, Herbal CEO of the Year, Dr Moses De-Gaulle Dogbatsey of Medimoses. Outstanding Leadership Award, Male Category: Dr Audu Rauf, CEO of Ghana Pharmacy Board; Female category, Mimi Darko, CEO of the FDA.

Pharma Harrison Kofi Abutiate chose Outstanding Contribution to the Pharmaceutical Industry. Anthony Ameka, CEO of the Ghana National Chamber of Pharmacy, won the Industry Leadership Award, Male Category, while Dhananjay Tripathi, Pharmanova, was named CEO of the Decade.

Gopal Vasu, M&G Pharmaceuticals, was named Entrepreneur of the Decade; Apex Health Insurance CEO Setsoafia-Tukpeyi Fafali was named CEO of the Year for Outstanding Health Insurance. Bright Simons has been named a champion of pharmaceutical innovation and technology.

The industry leadership award, female category, was Lucia Addae-Ntiri, Executive Secretary of PMAG. Romana Omaboe, CEO of Adepa Pharmaceutical Limited, was named Discovery of the Year; Patience Tsegah, CEO of Unicom Chemist Limited, was named Excellence in Business Award; KNUST Vice-Chancellor Professor Rita Akosua Dickson has been named Woman of Excellence.

Logistics Provider of the Year, Health was Imperial Health Services; Financial Services Provider of the Year, Fidelity Bank; Excellence in Pharma: OTC, Unichem Ghana Limited; Best growing company, Adepa Pharma; Excellence in Community Pharmacy Practice, Pharma Trust; Health Insurance Provider of the Year, Acacia Health Insurance.

Best Supplier and Distributor, Tobinco Pharmaceutical; Multinational Company of the Year, Luex Healthcare; Health Care Provider of the Year, Sunshine Health Care Ltd; Manufacturing Company of the Year, Ernest Chemist; Product of the Year – Joint Winners: Zincovit by Indus Life Sciences Pyt Ltd and Lufart by Entrance Pharmaceuticals.

Brand of the Year, Ernest Chemist; Personality of the Year, Lydia Alhassan, CEO of Lymens Medical Supply; Company of the Year, Pharmanova; CEO of the Year, Dr Samuel Amo Tobbin, Tobinco Pharmaceuticals; Entrepreneur of the Year (The Ultimate Award), Ernest Bediako Sampong, Ernest Chemist.

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Richter Profits Exceed Expectations – BBJ https://www.tenil.net/richter-profits-exceed-expectations-bbj/ https://www.tenil.net/richter-profits-exceed-expectations-bbj/#respond Tue, 03 Aug 2021 09:53:01 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/richter-profits-exceed-expectations-bbj/ Listed pharmaceutical company Gedeon Richter is beating analysts’ expectations for strong revenue and profit in the second quarter, according to business daily Világgazdaság.

According to the VG consensus, analysts expected revenue of HUF 143.5 billion, while the pharmaceutical company made HUF 155.9 billion, 13.6% more than in the previous year. the reference period. The gross margin was 56.6%.

The group spent HUF 27.7 billion on pharmaceutical marketing, up 12.6 percent from a year ago, and research and development spending increased by a similar amount to HUF 16 billion. Based on all this, operating profit also improved significantly, increasing by 34% to HUF 36.4 billion, although experts expected it to rise to HUF 28.2. billion.

Seeing the development of currency effects, we could wrap up that the second quarter is not very profitable on the financial plan, less HUF 6.1 billion in the end.


Producing worthy journalism is an expensive endeavor. For 27 years, the editors, editors and journalists of the Budapest Business Journal have strived to bring you business news that works – information that is reliable, factual, accurate and presented without fear or favor.

News organizations around the world have struggled to find a business model that allows them to continue to excel, without compromising their ability to perform. More recently, some have experimented with the idea of ​​involving their most important stakeholders, their readers.

We would like to offer this same opportunity to our readers. We would like to invite you to help us provide the quality business journalism you need. Hit our Support BBJ button and you can choose how much and how often you send us your contributions.

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University of Southern Queensland and Belmont Private Hospital Collaborate to Improve rTMS Therapy to Treat Depression Using AI https://www.tenil.net/university-of-southern-queensland-and-belmont-private-hospital-collaborate-to-improve-rtms-therapy-to-treat-depression-using-ai/ https://www.tenil.net/university-of-southern-queensland-and-belmont-private-hospital-collaborate-to-improve-rtms-therapy-to-treat-depression-using-ai/#respond Tue, 03 Aug 2021 08:22:34 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/university-of-southern-queensland-and-belmont-private-hospital-collaborate-to-improve-rtms-therapy-to-treat-depression-using-ai/

The University of South Queensland and Belmont Private Hospital, one of Australia’s largest private hospitals, have teamed up to develop an AI model that will improve repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation therapy for the treatment of depression .


RTMS is a non-invasive brain stimulation procedure for the treatment of depression and other mental health disorders. It uses magnetic fields to repeatedly stimulate nerve cells in the brain to improve symptoms of depression.

According to the USQ press release, a standard rTMS course consists of 20 sessions lasting 20 to 40 minutes each. The procedure, according to Raj Gururajan, professor of information systems at USQ, is “very long, therefore expensive”.

Led by Professor Gururajan, the development of AI algorithms has the potential to save patients and healthcare systems time and money, while improving outcomes. To do this, it informs processing decisions by recognizing the patterns of data collected during previous processing.


In May, Australia’s universal health insurance plan Medicare announced it would add four rTMS therapy services to its benefit plan starting November 1. It will subsidize the costs of these services for eligible patients diagnosed with drug-resistant major depressive disorder.


“RTMS is quickly becoming a leading medical treatment for depression, but since it is a relatively new procedure, there are still ways to improve its diagnosis, treatment, and outcome prediction. Our goal is to develop cutting-edge algorithms that will inform psychiatrists about the most appropriate stimulation duration for an individual patient at the start of treatment, ”said Prof Gururajan.

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Rumor denied: no mini-LED display planned for the iPad 6 mini https://www.tenil.net/rumor-denied-no-mini-led-display-planned-for-the-ipad-6-mini/ https://www.tenil.net/rumor-denied-no-mini-led-display-planned-for-the-ipad-6-mini/#respond Fri, 23 Jul 2021 18:22:21 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/rumor-denied-no-mini-led-display-planned-for-the-ipad-6-mini/

the The 12.9-inch Apple iPad Pro (2021) features a mini LED display that uses a much higher number of LEDs as the backlight to deliver deeper blacks, more vivid colors, and other improvements to the screen. There have been several rumors that have spread like wildfire claiming that Apple plans to equip the next unannounced iPad mini 6 with a mini-LED display. But today, the co-founder of Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC) Ross Young refuted this rumor in a new tweet.
In the tweet, Young pointed out that the source of the original rumor, Digitimes, was incorrect and that the iPad mini 6 will not offer a mini-LED display this year. That’s not to say the sixth-generation iPad mini won’t release this year, just that it won’t deliver the enhanced images seen on a mini-LED display.

According to previous rumors, the iPad mini 6 will be powered by the Apple A15 Bionic chipset made by TSMC using its improved 5nm process node. The tablet itself is said to have thinner bezels, square corners, and a power button built into a Touch ID fingerprint scanner. Speculation also calls for finding a USB-C port on the tablet with a smart connector also on board.
And of course, we wouldn’t tackle the upcoming iPad mini slate without mentioning that foreboding TF International analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has requested that a larger 8.5- to 9-inch screen be used with the iPad mini 6. This would be on top of the 7.9 inch screen that has traditionally been used on iPad mini units.

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Global Sodium Chloride Market Overview to 2026 https://www.tenil.net/global-sodium-chloride-market-overview-to-2026/ https://www.tenil.net/global-sodium-chloride-market-overview-to-2026/#respond Fri, 23 Jul 2021 15:45:00 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/global-sodium-chloride-market-overview-to-2026/

DUBLIN, July 23, 2021 / PRNewswire / – The “Sodium Chloride Market Research Report By Application, By Region – Global Forecast to 2026 – Cumulative Impact of COVID-19” has been added to ResearchAndMarkets.com offer.

The global sodium chloride market size has been estimated to be $ 19.83 billion in 2020 and should reach $ 20.68 billion in 2021, at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.61% to reach $ 26.00 billion by 2026.

Market Statistics:

The report provides market size and forecast in five major currencies – USD, EUR GBP, JPY and AUD. It helps organizational leaders make better decisions when currency data is readily available. In this report, the years 2018 and 2019 are considered as historical years, 2020 as the base year, 2021 as the estimated year and the years 2022 to 2026 are considered as the forecast period.

Market segmentation and coverage:

This research report categorizes Sodium Chloride to forecast revenue and analyze trends in each of the following submarkets:

  • Based on the application, the Sodium Chloride Market has been examined in the areas of Chemical Production, Defrosting, Food Additives, Food Flavoring and Preservatives, Pharmaceuticals, and Water Treatment.
  • On the basis of quality, the sodium chloride market has been reviewed for rock salt, solar salt, and vacuum salt.
  • On the basis of geography, the Sodium Chloride market has been examined across the Americas, Asia Pacific, and Europe, Middle East & Africa. The Americas have been the subject of an in-depth study through Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and United States. the Asia Pacific has been studied in more detail through Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, and Thailand. the Europe, Middle East & Africa has been studied in more detail through France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Spain, United Arab Emirates, and UK.

Competitive strategic window:

The Competitive Strategy Window analyzes the competitive landscape in terms of markets, applications and geographies to help the vendor define an alignment or fit between their capabilities and opportunities for future growth prospects. It describes the optimal or favorable fit for suppliers to adopt successive strategies of merger and acquisition, geographic expansion, research and development, and new product introduction strategies to continue the expansion and growth of the business during a forecast period.

FPNV positioning matrix:

The FPNV Positioning Matrix assesses and ranks vendors in the Sodium Chloride market based on business strategy (company growth, industry coverage, financial viability, and channel support) and product satisfaction ( value for money, ease of use, product features, and customer support) that helps businesses make better decisions and better understand the competitive landscape.

Market share analysis:

The market share analysis offers the analysis of the suppliers considering their contribution to the overall market. It provides the idea of ​​its revenue generation in the overall market compared to other space providers. It provides insight into the performance of vendors in terms of revenue generation and customer base compared to others. Knowing the market share gives an idea of ​​the size and competitiveness of the suppliers for the base year. It reveals the characteristics of the market in terms of traits of accumulation, fragmentation, dominance and fusion.

Company usability profiles:

The report deeply explores the significant recent developments of leading vendors and innovation profiles in the global sodium chloride market including Agrosal GmBH, Akzo Nobel NV, Cargill Incorporated, Compass Minerals International Inc, Compass Minerals International, Inc., Dominion Salt Ltd, Dow Chemical Company Ltd., Gulkas Pharma Private Limited, Hebei Huachen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., HubPak, ICL Fertilizers, INEOS AG, K + S France SAS, Merck KGaA, Nouryon Holding BV, Pon Pure Chemicals Group, SSP Pvt Limited, Switzerland Salts Works AG, Sudwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG, Tata Chemicals Ltd. and Wacker Chemie AG.

The report provides information on the following pointers:

1. Market penetration: provides comprehensive information on the market offered by the major players
2. Market Development: Provides detailed information on lucrative emerging markets and analyzes penetration into mature market segments.
3. Market diversification: provides detailed information on new product launches, untapped geographies, recent developments and investments
4. Competitive Assessment and Intelligence: Provides a comprehensive assessment of market shares, strategies, products, certification, regulatory approvals, patent landscape and manufacturing capabilities of key players
5. Product Development and Innovation: Provides intelligent information on future technologies, R&D activities and breakthrough product developments

The report answers questions such as:

1. What is the market size and forecast for the global Sodium Chloride market?
2. What are the inhibitory factors and impact of COVID-19 shaping the global Sodium Chloride market during the forecast period?
3. What are the products / segments / applications / areas to invest in during the forecast period in the global Sodium Chloride Market?
4. What is the competitive strategic window for opportunities in the global Sodium Chloride market?
5. What are the technological trends and regulatory frameworks in the global Sodium Chloride market?
6. What is the market share of the major vendors in the global sodium chloride market?
7. What strategic fashions and moves are considered appropriate for entering the global sodium chloride market?

Main topics covered:

1. Preface

2. Research methodology

3. Executive summary

4. Market overview
4.1. introduction
4.2. Cumulative impact of COVID-19

5. Market overview
5.1. Market dynamics
5.1.1. Conductors Growing demand as a chemical agent Increase use in the healthcare industry to remove bacteria from the body Increased food demand ,. medical, industrial and chemical industries
5.1.2. Constraints Strict government regulations Complexities encountered during storage
5.1.3. Opportunities Triggering use for salt storage and preservation techniques Growing research and innovation in the pharmaceutical sector
5.1.4. Challenges Availability of counterfeit products and lack of standardization
5.2. Porters Five Forces Analysis
5.2.1. The threat of new participants
5.2.2. The threat of substitutes
5.2.3. Bargaining power of clients
5.2.4. Bargaining power of suppliers
5.2.5. Industry rivalry

6. Sodium Chloride Market, By Application
6.1. introduction
6.2. Chemical production
6.3. Defrost
6.4. Feed additive
6.5. Flavoring agent and food preservative
6.6. Pharmaceutical
6.7. Water treatment

7. Sodium Chloride Market, By Grade
7.1. introduction
7.2. Rock salt
7.3. Solar Salt
7.4. Vacuum salt

8. US Sodium Chloride Market
8.1. introduction
8.2. Argentina
8.3. Brazil
8.4. Canada
8.5. Mexico
8.6. United States

9. Asia-Pacific Sodium Chloride Market
9.1. introduction
9.2. Australia
9.3. China
9.4. India
9.5. Indonesia
9.6. Japan
9.7. Malaysia
9.8. Philippines
9.9. Singapore
9.10. South Korea
9.11. Thailand

ten. Europe, Middle East & Africa Sodium Chloride Market
10.1. introduction
10.2. France
10.3. Germany
10.4. Italy
10.5. Netherlands
10.6. Qatar
10.7. Russia
10.8. Saudi Arabia
10.9. South Africa
10.10. Spain
10.11. United Arab Emirates
10.12. UK

11. Competitive landscape
11.1. FPNV positioning matrix
11.1.1. Quadrants
11.1.2. Business strategy
11.1.3. Product satisfaction
11.2. Market ranking analysis
11.3. Market share analysis, by key player
11.4. Competitive scenario
11.4.1. Merger & Acquisition
11.4.2. Agreement, collaboration and partnership
11.4.3. Launch and improvement of new products
11.4.4. Investment and financing
11.4.5. Awards, recognition and expansion

12. Company usability profiles
12.1. Agrosal GmbH
12.2. Akzo Nobel AG
12.3. Cargill Incorporated
12.4. Compass Minerals International Inc
12.5. Compass Minerals International, Inc.
12.6. Dominion Salt Ltd.
12.7. Dow Chemical Company Ltd.
12.8. Gulkas Pharma Private Limited
12.9. Hebei Huachen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
12.10. HubPak
12.11. ICL fertilizers
12.12. INEOS SA
12.13. K + S France SAS
12.14. Merck KGaA
12.15. Nouryon Holding BV
12.16. Pon Pure Chemicals Group
12.17. SSP Pvt Limited
12.18. Swiss Salt Works SA
12.19. Sudwestdeutsche Salzwerke AG
12.20. Tata Chemicals Ltd.
12.21. Wacker Chemie SA

13. Annex

For more information on this report, visit https://www.researchandmarkets.com/r/phe8rn

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