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(RTTNews) – Singapore’s stock market has fallen over consecutive trading days, losing nearly 10 points or 0.3% along the way. The Straits Times Index now sits just above the 3,225 point plateau, although it is expected to gain ground on Thursday.

Global forecasts for Asian markets are stable to higher due to easing concerns about Treasury yields and a rebound in tech stocks. European markets were mixed and US stock markets were mostly higher and Asian markets should follow suit.

The STI finished barely lower on Wednesday as losses in financial stocks were offset by support from manufacturers.

For the day, the index fell 0.38 points or 0.01% to end at 3,227.15 after trading between 3,226.56 and 3,239.84. The volume was 1.64 billion shares worth S $ 1.03 billion. There were 243 winners and 210 losers.

Among assets, Ascendas REIT grew 0.66%, while City Developments climbed 1.13%, Comfort DelGro 0.67%, Dairy Farm International jumped 0.95%, DBS Group was down 0.03%, Keppel Corp gained 0.56%, Mapletree Commercial Trust climbed 0.94%, Mapletree Logistics Trust plunged 2.05%, SATS fell 0.49%, SembCorp Industries added 0 , 50%, Singapore Exchange and United Overseas Bank both lost 0.43%, Singapore Press Holdings rose 0.43%, Wilmar International fell 0.46%, Yangzijiang Shipbuilding jumped 2.31 % and Genting Singapore, CapitaLand Integrated Commercial Trust, Singapore Technologies Engineering, Thai Beverage, Oversea-Chinese Banking Corporation, Singapore Airlines and SingTel remained unchanged.

Wall Street’s lead is cautiously bullish as the major averages opened sharply lower on Wednesday, but recovered as the day wore on, with the NASDAQ and S&P 500 managing to finish higher while the Dow edged down. barely finished in the red.

The Dow Jones lost 9.42 points or 0.03% to close at 35,804.38, while the NASDAQ jumped 70.09 points or 0.44% to close at 15,845.23 and the S&P 500 a increased 10.76 points or 0.23% to end at 4,701.46.

Wall Street’s initial weakness came against a backdrop of continuously rising US Treasury yields, with the ten-year benchmark bond yield hitting its highest intraday level in six months. Yields did show a notable drop over the trading day, however, contributing to Wall Street’s rebound.

A Department of Labor report last week showing the first jobless claims in the United States slipped to their lowest level in more than fifty years helped push up yields.

In addition, the Commerce Department noted an unexpected drop in durable goods orders but an increase in new home sales in October, while personal income and spending both increased more than expected during the month.

Crude oil futures stabilized slightly lower on Wednesday after data showed a modest increase in US crude inventories last week. West Texas Intermediate crude oil futures ended down $ 0.11 or 0.14% at $ 78.39 a barrel.

Closer to home, Singapore will provide third quarter current account data later today; in the previous three months, the current account surplus was $ 25.64 billion.

The views and opinions expressed herein are the views and opinions of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Nasdaq, Inc.

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In Major Change, EU Says Vaccine Recalls Should Be Considered For All Adults, Health News, ET HealthWorld https://www.tenil.net/in-major-change-eu-says-vaccine-recalls-should-be-considered-for-all-adults-health-news-et-healthworld/ Wed, 24 Nov 2021 12:30:00 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/in-major-change-eu-says-vaccine-recalls-should-be-considered-for-all-adults-health-news-et-healthworld/ BRUSSELS (Reuters) – The head of the European Union’s public health agency, Andrea Ammon, said on Wednesday that Covid-19 vaccine boosters should be considered for all adults, with priority for those over 40 , in a major change in the orientations of the agency.

Recommendations issued by the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) are not binding on EU governments but are used to make health policy decisions.

“Booster doses should be considered for all adults with priority given to those over 40,” Ammon said in a recorded statement, noting that the booster should be given at least six months after the end of the schedule. primary vaccination.

In its previous guidelines released in September alongside the European Medicines Agency (EMA), the ECDC said there was no urgent need for booster doses to fully vaccinated individuals in the general population, but suggested that additional doses should be considered for people with weakened immune systems and could be used as a precaution for the frail elderly.

“The available evidence from Israel and the UK shows a significant increase in protection against serious infection and disease after a booster dose in all age groups in the short term,” ECDC said in a report released Wednesday.

He advised giving reminders to all adults as a priority “over 40s”.

Ammon said the boosters would increase protection against infections caused by declining immunity and “could potentially reduce transmission in the population and prevent additional hospitalizations and deaths.”

She advised countries with low immunization levels to speed up their roll-out and warned of the high risks of a further increase in the number of deaths and hospitalizations in Europe in December and January if the recommended measures are not taken. were not introduced.

The European Commission should heed the advice on boosters when proposing changes to the use of Covid-19 certificates later this week, officials said.

Many EU countries have already started giving booster doses to their populations, but use different criteria to select priority groups and use different intervals between primary vaccinations and boosters.

Austria, which reintroduced a lockdown this week amid a spike in cases, has decided to give boosters after four months, while in Italy the extra dose can be given after five months.

Study confirms the safety of electroconvulsive therapy for treating mental disorders https://www.tenil.net/study-confirms-the-safety-of-electroconvulsive-therapy-for-treating-mental-disorders/ Wed, 24 Nov 2021 02:57:00 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/study-confirms-the-safety-of-electroconvulsive-therapy-for-treating-mental-disorders/

Safety concerns associated with electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) are not justified, according to a new study conducted in Frontiers in Psychology. Partly due to historical misuse and cinematic representations such as in Flight over a cuckoo’s nest, physicians and patients have been reluctant to use this approach. But there is ample evidence to show that ECT may be one of the most valuable and effective options for serious, treatment-resistant mental disorders such as schizophrenia and depression. This latest study of over 3,100 ECT sessions in a German psychiatric hospital appears to confirm that ECT is also very safe. There were no cases of permanent alteration of treatment and only three sessions (<0.1%) resulted in life-threatening events, all of which were resolved with medical interventions.

Our research provides evidence that the negative attitude towards ECT – one of the most effective treatments for psychiatric illnesses – urgently needs to be corrected. “

Prof Göran Hajak, corresponding author, Social Foundation in Bamberg, Germany

Unjustified public fear

“Difficult to Treat Depression is a mental disorder that has been highlighted by the World Health Organization as one of the leading causes of human disability around the world, but the public’s irrational fear of suffering permanent damage to the ECT health has largely restricted its use in psychiatry. “Hajak said.” Only about 2% of eligible patients with severe, treatment-resistant depression are currently treated with ECT worldwide. “

Unlike its portrayal in non-scientific media or films, ECT is performed under short-term anesthesia and the medical team induces a single brief epileptic seizure during the treatment session. The technology uses a carefully controlled electric current that causes a nerve impulse discharge in the brain without affecting the rest of the body. It is believed to work as a “reset” of the brain functions underlying several mental disorders.

The present study is a retrospective analysis that examined the safety protocols and medical records of 157 patients who, combined, received more than 3,100 ECT sessions in the three years between 2018 and 2020. In this dataset , only three patients suffered life-threatening complications, but all three recovered without lasting effects. Less than 20% of patients reported milder adverse events, such as cognitive or brain disturbances. These minor effects were largely associated with higher doses of the electrical stimulus and an increased number of treatment sessions.

ECT is safe but should be performed under maximally controlled settings

One of the most important caveats from this work is the potential variation between ECT procedures in different hospitals and countries. The authors stress that ECT should only be performed in a setting controlled by an experienced medical team including a physician, nurse, and anesthesiologist, and that there should be access to intensive care methods in the event of a disease. ’emergency. To account for procedural variations, the authors recommend that each institution compile its own security data and its own risk profile.

“We hope our data will bring the discussion of ECT to a more factual level, as the low risk profile of ECT suggests that wider use could benefit many more patients,” he said. concluded Hajak.


Journal reference:

Hajak, VL, et al. (2021) Risk assessment of electroconvulsive therapy in clinical routine: three-year analysis of life-threatening events during more than 3,000 treatment sessions. Frontiers in Psychology. doi.org/10.3389/fpsig.2021.767915.

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Automatic factory for NC? Site recruiter says state is ready to be a player https://www.tenil.net/automatic-factory-for-nc-site-recruiter-says-state-is-ready-to-be-a-player/ Tue, 23 Nov 2021 12:31:47 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/automatic-factory-for-nc-site-recruiter-says-state-is-ready-to-be-a-player/

RALEIGH – Whether North Carolina becomes home to a huge battery factory today or in the near future, the state is a candidate for future electric vehicle manufacturing. That’s what a well-known industrial site recruiter says.

The state’s economic investment committee is due to meet today as discussions circulate on the possible selection of the triad area for a Toyota plant. Such a speech has already circulated. Things could be different now with recent fundraising moves in the North Carolina state budget – potential funds for the Triad’s “megasite” to lower taxes for individuals and corporations.

After reports that Toyota is once again considering a 1,825-acre “mega-site” in Randolph County as a viable location for a new plant, this time an electric vehicle battery plant that could involve some 1.29 billion dollars in investment and creating 1,750 jobs in the region, WRAL TechWire spoke with site selection expert John Boyd, Jr., director of The Boyd Company. The company specializes in assisting businesses with relocation, which is what attracts so many businesses to consider North Carolina for business expansion or relocation.

Toyota Reportedly Considering Triad ‘Megasite’ for $ 1.29 Billion Battery Plant

The slightly edited transcript follows.

WRAL TechWire (TW): How could NC get this specific project? How is the state different now than in the past, when it did NOT land a Toyota factory, although it was factored in for this (2018), and other failures in the securing automotive installations in the recent past?

Boyd: The electric vehicle industry is a particularly timely target for North Carolina – manufacturing electric vehicles requires a very small fraction of the parts required for fuel-powered automobiles. The lack of a critical mass of automotive industry suppliers in the region is not as crucial a site selection factor as in previous years, when courting the state for projects like Toyota, BMW, Volvo and Mercedes. In fact, Toyota may view North Carolina as a fertile recruiting ground, becoming a premier employer of choice in the emerging and growing electric vehicle industry.

Another idea here – it was widely reported that the Randolph mega site was given a close review by Toyota in 2018. Give the local development team on the ground credit for the work they did to create these relationships – this work in 2018 could very well bear fruit in 2021 with this new project. We always say that economic development is cumulative and it’s about building relationships. The state maintains close ties to Japan through North Carolina’s huge pharmaceutical and biotech sector. I suspect these links are being exploited here as well.

Duke Energy is also a major asset for North Carolina, particularly in the electric vehicle industry. Duke’s proactive stance on green energy and working with policymakers, the real estate and business community can also help pave the way for energy-centric deals like Toyota.

Toyota sets ambitious new target for electrified cars

TW: The North Carolina legislature passed the state budget last week, and Governor Cooper signed it into law. This budget includes funds apparently allocated specifically to this project. Could or could other states offer a similar level of economic incentives and what is North Carolina’s strategy?

JB: Incentives, although controversial today among universities, think tanks, and public advocacy groups, are an important part of the site selection process. Incentives have become the norm rather than the exception and our corporate clients are all looking for ways to help cushion the huge capital investment costs associated with large projects like the one proposed by Toyota.

Neighbors to North Carolina all offer incentives, including hiring tax credits, property and sales tax rebates, and grants for infrastructure and skills training. Beyond helping land this potential deal with Toyota, it sends a message to the global electric vehicle industry that North Carolina is ready to be ready and able to be an active partner in this growing industry. .

More companies, more people = growing demand for talent. Can North Carolina meet the need?

TW: How important are tax and other economic incentives for businesses – and businesses like Toyota – in choosing a location? What other factors are important? What could be important for Toyota in this specific project?

JB: While incentives are important and often act as a ‘tiebreaker’ for finalist locations, it is ultimately North Carolina’s premier job market and skill set ( the state is home to major research institutes and academic centers of excellence, as well as community colleges and technical schools, the state’s low cost of doing business and the excellent synergy between the academic sector, the business community and lawmakers who have always been a big part of the state’s winning formula for economic development.

“Substantial mismatch” in jobs, talents + urban areas compared to rural areas = big problems for the NC

TW: Would changing the corporate tax rate budget help get a deal – for Toyota or other companies – or are corporate tax rates essentially “table stakes” in this? weather ?

Businesses looking for sites tend to “want it all,” they want every tax break they can get and every penny of incentives.

Changing the corporate tax rate would not only help Toyota’s bottom line, but it would send a message to the global business community that in North Carolina, job creators are valued and have a seat in the world. table in terms of policy emanating from Raleigh. This is NOT the tenor of less business-friendly states like CA, NY, and IL today, where businesses and employers are treated as antagonists and ATMs.

Timing is of the essence in economic development and the timing of Governor Cooper’s 2022 state budget signing last week, which reduced the state’s personal income tax rate and phased out the rate. corporate tax, worth mentioning here. Texas, which often competes with North Carolina on major projects and where Toyota has its North American headquarters in Dallas and major production operations in San Antonio, has no corporate or corporate taxes. personal income.

What’s the key to North Carolina’s economic growth? Keeping Existing Businesses Happy, Experts Say

TW: 2020 and 2021 were record or near record years for economic development activity in North Carolina.

JB: It is a historic era of mobility for people and businesses.

North Carolina’s attractive cost of doing business by national standards, cost-of-living advantages, globally recognized group of universities, AND diverse industry sectors make it an attractive state for immigration. North Carolina is one of the fastest growing US states

North Carolina has grown enough in the past decade to win a 14th Congressional seat and 16th Electoral College member, an achievement that has not gone unnoticed with companies in highly regulated industries like energy and with billions of federal dollars on the table in new federal green energy initiatives. All of this is taking place in high-tax, high-cost states like California, New York, and Illinois, which are losing people and representation in Washington.

Expect More Job Postings “In Next Two Weeks,” Says NC Economic Development Partnership CEO

TW: And in life sciences in particular, why is CN attractive to businesses at the moment?

A highly skilled workforce, low commercial costs, attractive sites like RTP make NC a world power in life sciences. Additionally, site planners are now talking about the expanded I-40 corridor connecting the Triangle region to the Triad as other prominent pharmaceutical and biotechnology corridors in the United States, such as the Highway 1 corridor in central Canada. NJ, the I28 road corridor. in Boston and the I-270 corridor in Montgomery County, Maryland. In addition, North Carolina’s life sciences advocacy group, the North Carolina Biotechnology Center, is another resource that sets the state apart as a prime location for the pharmaceutical and biotech industry.

Recruitment site: low operating costs enhance Triangle’s appeal for biotechnology and drug companies

TW: What other site selection trends are you tracking now and through to 2022? What are you expecting – in NC – in 2022?

KG: The relocation of manufacturing spurred by supply chain disruptions, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry, is a trend North Carolina will continue to capitalize on in 2022 and beyond.

Today, housing has become a major driving force behind site selection. We are bullish on North Carolina, particularly in the new mixed-use developments underway in the Raleigh / Durham market.

John Boyd, Jr., director of the Boyd Group. Image provided by The Boyd Group.

Also look for new investments in the aerospace industry, a sector that is coming back strong from the pandemic and in which our firm is active with clients such as Boeing, Pratt & Whitney and Safran. Connecticut-based Pratt & Whitney, for example, is currently building a 1.2 million square foot plant in southern Buncombe County that will manufacture turbine airfoils for jet engines. The $ 650 million transformative project will attract new aerospace suppliers to western North Carolina over the next several years.

North Carolina secures $ 650 million aerospace plant, 800 jobs in Raytheon expansion

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‘Something neurological is happening’, COVID could cause depression and anxiety, researchers say – CBS Boston https://www.tenil.net/something-neurological-is-happening-covid-could-cause-depression-and-anxiety-researchers-say-cbs-boston/ Mon, 22 Nov 2021 10:30:00 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/something-neurological-is-happening-covid-could-cause-depression-and-anxiety-researchers-say-cbs-boston/

WALTHAM (CBS) – “I slept for almost two weeks straight.”

It was a symptom Hailey Cray expected when she contracted the coronavirus last December. “Going up the stairs here, he took it all. I stopped halfway up and had to breathe deeply, ”she told WBZ-TV.

She also expected a loss of smell and taste, which affected her. In fact, she still doesn’t fully recover it, which the 23-year-old says has been a major source of frustration for someone who enjoys cooking.

But what she didn’t expect was a significant, long-term worsening of her depression and anxiety.

“Just a deep sadness set in and I still can’t get rid of it,” she said. “Maybe three weeks after I got back to work and stuff like that, when I started to expect to feel better, and I didn’t. My body was fine, but my brain just wasn’t – still that tiredness, like I just wanted to stay in bed and not get out of bed all day.

And Hailey is convinced her Covid infection is at least partly to blame.

“There’s something neurological going on with Covid, or something psychological as well, that I think we don’t quite understand yet,” she said.

Mental health experts increasingly believe Hailey is on to something – that Covid could cause depression and anxiety, even in people who have never experienced it on a clinical level before.

“I’ve seen this in my outpatients,” said Dr. Stephanie Collier, psychiatrist at McLean Hospital in Belmont.

The researchers, she says, “looked at the cell cultures and they looked at the direct effects. It is believed that Covid directly infects the brain. And there could also be a second indirect effect, and that is the inflammation of the immune response.

This inflammation could be the key, according to researchers at the Simches Research Center at Massachusetts General Hospital. They are studying the effects Covid could have on certain brain cells.

“One of the things my lab is working on is the different types of brain cells that we grow from human stem cells,” says Dr. Roy Perlis, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and senior researcher at the MGH.

He and his team can then take these brain cells and test how the body’s immune response might alter them. Perlis believes that a so-called “cytokine storm” triggered by the coronavirus may alter some brain cells. They’re trying to figure out which ones – and how.

“Brain cells can respond to this inflammation and, as part of this immune response, either release other types of factors in the brain or change their function in ways that can lead people to more depression.” , he said.

Perlis says some studies suggest that more than 25% of people infected with Covid might experience these mood effects, and that men might be more sensitive than women. But, he warns that we are still in the early days of understanding the effects of Covid on our psychology.

The good news? Perlis believes that these effects are not permanent and can last from six months to a year in most patients.

“I’m incredibly optimistic about the long-term prognosis for most people. The brain is incredibly plastic and capable of healing itself. We are programmed to be resilient, ”he says.

As scientists work on these answers, Hailey has found some success in a combination of talk therapy, antidepressants, and a new friend, her dog Otto.

“He just makes me happy,” she said.

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7 places you can buy hot cocoa bombs in Northern Illinois https://www.tenil.net/7-places-you-can-buy-hot-cocoa-bombs-in-northern-illinois/ Mon, 22 Nov 2021 01:59:15 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/7-places-you-can-buy-hot-cocoa-bombs-in-northern-illinois/

Drinking regular hot chocolate from a mix is ​​so over, it’s time to step up your cocoa experience with hot cocoa bombs!

If you didn’t jump on the hot chocolate bomb craze last winter, you have to do it this year. Not only is this type of cocoa the bomb, (literally), it tastes amazing, and the experience of seeing the ingredients “explode” in your cup is extremely satisfying.

The first hot chocolate bomb my family tried last winter was from my friend Tammy, who owns Baby Angel Cakes in Davis, Illinois, and my kids loved it! Here’s Tammy’s son enjoying his first hot chocolate bomb of the season …

I can tell you firsthand that Angel Baby Cakes offers hot cocoa bombs in a variety of delicious flavors, but I can also tell you that their bombs are also available for purchase at Crimson Ridge in Rockford this holiday season. !

If you’re looking to embark on a hot cocoa bomb tasting mission this winter, here are other local bakeries where you can purchase these delicious treats in the Rockford area:

Sugar Britches in Rockton Not only has ‘regular’ hot chocolate bombs, but this year they’ve got Boozy Bombs too!

Sparklefox confectionery in Oregon, Illinois offers delicious cocoa bomb flavors while supplies last …

Sips and asparagus in Belvidere usually have hot cocoa bombs available, and they also have a Mint Eggnog Latte which you should probably try while you’re there too.

Cocoa Bombs by Becca in Roscoe offers cute designs of cocoa bombs and even smaller bombs for your little tummies.

CheeseKo’s in Belvidere takes orders for hot chocolate bombs, and they can even personalize each one with your initials!

Candy in wonderland in Rockford not only has hot chocolate bombs, but they also have other beautifully decorated treats that you should indulge in this holiday season. (Pre-order now on Wonderlandsweetsbakery.com.

Candy in Wonderland via Facebook

DISCOVER THEM: 100 years of Christmas toys, gifts and fashions

Galena, Illinois: One of America’s Best Christmas Towns

Wouldn’t you know that the most magical time of the year is also when this old-fashioned town is at its best.

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Yeh from PharmaEngine, first female winner at ITRI https://www.tenil.net/yeh-from-pharmaengine-first-female-winner-at-itri/ Sun, 21 Nov 2021 16:00:00 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/yeh-from-pharmaengine-first-female-winner-at-itri/

Founder of PharmaEngine Inc (智 擎 生 技) Grace Yeh (葉常菁) became the first female Fellow of the Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI, 工業 技術 研究院) since it began awarding scholarships to business leaders 10 years ago.

ITRI ​​President Lee Chih-kung (李世光) said at the 10th ITRI Laureates Awards Ceremony on Tuesday that Yeh’s induction was important, because in addition to being the 50th Laureate of the institute, she is the first female scholarship holder.

Yeh said she was surprised to learn that she was the first woman to be awarded.

Photo: ANC

Taiwan has many outstanding female tech leaders, but they have so far been ignored by the award winner selection committee, Yeh said, urging ITRI and other institutions to broaden their perspective.

While women are not necessarily stronger than men, they do help make society more diverse, she said.

“Women generally have different thoughts and backgrounds, which helps them to be more tolerant,” she said.

Yeh thanked her parents and her husband for their support and encouragement.

She also thanked the President of Center Laboratories Inc (晟 德 大 藥廠), Lin Rong-jin (林榮 錦), for persuading her to return to Taiwan and in 2003 to create PharmaEngine, a Taipei-based biopharmaceutical company that develops cancer treatments.

Yeh said that after stepping down as president and CEO of the company in 2019, she moved to Switzerland to create Onward Therapeutics SA, a developer of hematology and solid tumor drugs.

Although her main activity is now in Europe, Yeh is also vice president of the Taiwan Bio Industry Organization (台灣 生物 產業 協會).

She hopes her involvement will help make Taiwan’s biotech industry more international, Yeh said.

As a businesswoman, she hopes to bring more attention to gender equality so that more female ITRI fellows are selected, she said.

Yeh received his doctorate in immunology from the Medical University of South Carolina.

As the head of PharmaEngine, Yeh created and adopted the “no research, development only” and “network pharma” business models for drug developers.

At the time of the company’s founding, the first model was particularly suited to Taiwanese biotechnology companies, which were mostly at an early stage of growth and had limited access to capital, thus having limited resources for research and development. marketing.

Under the “network pharma” model, companies outsource drug development processes to contract manufacturers and research organizations for the development of new drugs.

Using this model, PharmaEngine developed two drugs: Onivyde for the treatment of pancreatic cancer and PEP503, a new radio amplifier for the treatment of soft tissue sarcoma.

Onivyde was approved in 2015 by the United States Food and Drug Administration for intravenous use as a first-line combination for the treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer. It was the first cancer drug developed in Taiwan to receive US approval.

PharmaEngine, which entered the local stock market over-the-counter in 2012, reached a market capitalization of over NT $ 30 billion ($ 1.08 billion at current exchange rate) after approval.

At the time, the company had only 22 employees, each worth NT $ 1.4 billion, Yeh said, pointing to the profitability of the industry.

Comments will be moderated. Keep comments relevant to the article. Comments containing abusive and obscene language, personal attacks of any kind or promotion will be removed and the user banned. The final decision will be at the discretion of the Taipei Times.

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THE AWARD CEREMONY FOR PROFESSIONALS OF THE “PANACEAN” PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRY TAKEN PLACE AT MYSTETSKYI ARSENAL https://www.tenil.net/the-award-ceremony-for-professionals-of-the-panacean-pharmaceutical-industry-taken-place-at-mystetskyi-arsenal/ Sat, 20 Nov 2021 13:52:06 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/the-award-ceremony-for-professionals-of-the-panacean-pharmaceutical-industry-taken-place-at-mystetskyi-arsenal/

On October 21, 2021, the solemn 22nd award ceremony of the annual competition of professionals of the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry “Panacea” was held at Mystetskyi Arsenal, hosted by famous TV presenters Lydia Taran and Oleg Panyuta. The safety of the guests at the event was ensured by the medical partner of the award ceremony – the DILA Medical Laboratory.
The ceremony began with the words of the President of Ukraine. Volodymyr Zelensky said that “due to the development of the pharmaceutical industry, the level of the national economy increases, the biosecurity of Ukraine and access to safe and affordable drugs are ensured”.
Tonight, 27 “Panacea-2021” awards were given to the best of the best in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical industry. The winners were determined on the basis of data from the competition’s analytical partners – “Business Credit”, “SMD”, “UMG” and “IQVIA”.

In the nomination “Pharmacy of the year”, 3 laureates were rewarded.
In the category “Pharmaceutical market of the year”, the chain of pharmacies “Apteka Dobrogo Dnya” won the prize for the most attractive pharmaceutical market among visitors and pharmacists.
Unique project in Ukraine, created by “Epicenter”, whose main advantage is the synergy of commercial areas with health products, “Apteka 100+” was awarded in the category “Pharmaceutical market of the year. Innovative format ”.
In the category “Industry Leader of Internet Orders” among drugstore chains, “Panacea” was awarded to “Apteka 9-1-1” for its unique speed, flexibility and adaptability to new conditions during the pandemic.
For the historic contribution to the quality of the training of pharmacists in Ukraine on the occasion of the 100th anniversary, the “Panacea” was awarded to the National University of Pharmacy (NUPh), headed by Rector Alla Kotvytska.
For the first time in the history of the award, the digital company of the year was chosen and awarded, which became the “Kusum” group of pharmaceutical companies. Through an independent survey of physicians of all specialties in Ukraine, IQVIA conducted a study for the “Digital Company of the Year” nomination.

Drugs in the prescription and over-the-counter groups were also celebrated at the awards ceremony.

Winners of the “Drug of the Year” nomination. Among the over-the-counter medications, there were:
– ASCOZIN, Kusum;
– MOVEX CONFORT, MoviHealth;
– LIOTON, Berlin-Chemie / Menarini;
– ELEVIT, Bayer;
– CANEPHRON, Bionorica;
– TANTUM VERDE, Dileo Pharma;
– HELPEX, MoviHealth;
– HELP, Bayer.

Winners of the “Drug of the Year” nomination. Among the prescription drugs’ were:
– GYNEX, Kusum;
– MOVEX ACTIVE, MoviHealth;
– QUETIRON, Acino;
– UTROGESTAN, Besins Santé;
– MOVINAZA, MoviHealth;
– NIMESIL, BerlinChemie;

In the nomination “Drug of the year. Dynamic leader ”,“ Panacea ”was awarded to PARAPLEXIN from the company“ Salutaris ”.
Award in the “Drug of the Year” nomination. Dynamic Leader ”in the highest price segment was awarded to TAZPEN from“ Dia Pharma ”.
In the nomination “Drug of the year. Effective Start-up ”Panacea-2021 has been awarded to ERMUCIN by“ Dileo Pharma ”.
Tonight’s “Panacea” went to Bayer’s SUPRADIN in the Biologically Active Substance of the Year category.
As part of the ceremony, a special “Reflection of Reality” exhibition of the “ART by PANACEA” project took place. The exhibition was presented by 4 Ukrainian artists: Darina Momot, Olga Kosheleva, Mykhailo Ray and Yevhen Zayts, directed by the curator – Ivanna Bertrand. The works of contemporary Ukrainian artists, selected for exhibition by the organizers of the awards ceremony, reflect modern reality during the pandemic.
The festive atmosphere of the ceremony was created by performers from the Kyiv National Operetta Theater and the Kyiv Opera and Ballet Theater. And also a jazz group with soloist Pavel Pigura.


Queens Hospital Center fails Denise Williams, who died on treatment for depression https://www.tenil.net/queens-hospital-center-fails-denise-williams-who-died-on-treatment-for-depression/ Sat, 20 Nov 2021 13:42:00 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/queens-hospital-center-fails-denise-williams-who-died-on-treatment-for-depression/

The family of a 29-year-old woman who mysteriously died two days after being admitted to hospital with postpartum depression plan to slap the city and its hospital system with a $ 10 million wrongful death lawsuit, according to news legal documents.

Denise Williams, mother of a newborn and 3-year-old, died at Queens Hospital Center on August 30, two days after her admission.

The family’s notice of claim, the precursor to a lawsuit against the city and its Health + Hospital Corp., claims Williams was a “healthy 29-year-old African-American single mother who had just given birth to her second. baby girl on July 11 ”and“ started showing signs of postpartum depression ”.

“We are still investigating all of the facts behind Ms Williams’ death and although a dollar loss has been claimed, no amount of money can replace the loss of a mother for her two young children,” he said. family lawyer Abe George told The Post. .

The claim accuses medical staff of “deviating from accepted standards of medical care” in Williams’ treatment.
Family photo

The claim accuses medical staff of “deviating from accepted standards of medical care” in Williams’ treatment.

Autopsy results released last month showed Williams died of pulmonary embolism – a blood clot that traveled to her lungs. The city’s medical examiner, who ruled the death “natural”, said obesity was a contributing factor.

In the aftermath of the shocking death, Williams’ family asked the state to investigate what had happened.

The family of a 29-year-old woman who mysteriously died two days after being admitted to hospital with postpartum depression are considering slapping the city with a lawsuit.
The family of a 29-year-old woman who mysteriously died two days after being admitted to hospital with postpartum depression are considering slapping the city with a lawsuit.
Family photo

“Denise went to the Queens Center Hospital for help for her postpartum depression and mysteriously passed away. We ended up with questions and no answers and her two toddlers are now motherless, ”her aunt, Charlene Magee, told The Post.

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Regional Isosorbide Mononitrate Market Outlook, Competitive Strategies and Forecast Till 2026 https://www.tenil.net/regional-isosorbide-mononitrate-market-outlook-competitive-strategies-and-forecast-till-2026/ Sat, 20 Nov 2021 06:01:19 +0000 https://www.tenil.net/regional-isosorbide-mononitrate-market-outlook-competitive-strategies-and-forecast-till-2026/

The Business Intelligence Report on Isosorbide Mononitrate Market presents a detailed assessment of the history of increase of the industry and its performance over the estimated period of time. This is a comprehensive analysis of the factors positively influencing this field, highlighting the main growth catalysts and income earning opportunities that could increase the profitability ratio in the years to come. It also understands the constraints and challenges of this sphere of activity as well as the respective strategies to control their impacts.

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