JD Vance has a problem with Big Pharma

Billionaire-backed US Senate candidate JD Vance in Ohio has regularly positioned himself as a Chinese anti-opioid hawk and pledged to rein in Massive Pharma and move the company to the United States. But in recent weeks, Vance, a Trump-backed author, has worked at a white shoe regulatory agency representing several Chinese companies and lobbied for Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin. Vance then employed a resident of the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) to cite research funded by Purdue for his nonprofit “Our Ohio Renewal,” as a habit specialist in the Appalachian region of Ohio. , to downplay the position that overprescribing painkillers plays in the opioid catastrophe. . .

The obvious contradiction, first reported by Politico, stems from a “vulnerability assessment” posted online by Shield Ohio Values ​​(POV), the Super PAC from which Vance has raised tens of millions of dollars. dollars for his Senate marketing campaign. Given that campaign finance regulations prevent any candidate from contacting the associated huge PACs, the POV appears to have revealed a wealth of investigative information, strategic documents and opposition analysis in a discreet Medium account to which Vance can refer, detailing his possible weaknesses. personal campaigns in addition to rivals’ campaigns.

Vance’s vulnerability assessment reveals that the late lawyer-turned-writer, who founded a nonprofit dedicated to fighting the opioid epidemic, worked at some level for the regulatory agency of Washington DC Sidley Austin LLP. He works for Purdue Pharma, which has pleaded liable for the charges and faces nearly $8.3 billion in fines in 2020. Meanwhile, Sidley Austin is allegedly representing a ‘Chinese-language real estate company’ and lobbying Alibaba Group , a huge Chinese-language e-tailer. Platform. But as a Senate candidate, Vance has repeatedly urged the United States to sever its financial ties with the country and described globalization as a “wandering practice” for China.

“On the one hand, there are people who have to go back to the last American coverage abroad, the weakness of Chinese-language commercial insurance policies,” Vance said in a final Fox News interview. “And on the other side is me, backed by President Trump, trying to get our manufacturing jobs back in China.”

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The Associated Press (AP) later this week reported that Vance’s charity employed an AEI resident who never disclosed Perdue’s financial contributions to AEI, while confirming the funded research by Perdue to assert that prescription painkillers played a vital role. He acknowledged that he had had a major battle of curiosity. Extreme improvement in the region’s opioid addiction. In response to the AP, Dr. Sally Satel “from time to time shared drafts of work with Purdue agents prematurely.” And as ProPublica previously reported, AEI secured $800,000 in total monetary assistance from Purdue.

Vance’s earlier work could prove problematic in different areas outside of Massive Pharma. The role of the Supreme Court, in Obergefell v. In deciding Hodges, he was with Sidley Austin when the company gave an amicus briefing in support of same-sex marriage in 2015. Since then, Vance has taken several hits in the LGBTQ+ neighborhood. In 2020, Vance denounced the “conservative-authorized motion” after the Supreme Court docket ruled that gay and trans employees cannot be fired for their gender identity or sexual orientation.

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