Olon announces new investment | Pharmaceutical contract

International API supplier Olon has announced an additional investment of €27 million over 2022/2023 that will further expand its global platform for the development and production of potent and highly potent active ingredients, with the aim of being even more more flexible, integrated, and able to meet customer needs throughout the API and supply chain development phases.

The company has launched the project to install a new high-containment production line at its Indian site (Mahad), with advanced systems for the containment and handling of substances up to OEB4 level (up to 1µg/m3 ). The new line will be suitable for the production of medium-volume batches and will be able to respond flexibly to market demands, particularly in the field of CDMOs as well as for the production of proprietary products.

The high containment line will complement the range of expertise offered by the Mahad site and support the Group’s strategy to promote retro-integration throughout the supply chain, including intermediaries and APIs.

The new investment underpins the company’s strategy to strengthen the cross-integration of the business model: integration throughout the process of product development and scale-up to industrialization – wide range of batch sizes at scale – as well as backward integration throughout the supply chain offering both highly active intermediated and finished API products, and seamless integration between lines at our sites across the world (US, Europe, India).

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