The 8 best Mac-compatible keyboards for business in 2021

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There are many benefits to having a large network when purchasing enterprise technology for small business buyers, and this is also true for Mac users. More and more third-party brands are designing keyboards with Mac users in mind. Most of the newer products are more ergonomically designed, more durable, fully programmable, and less expensive than Apple keyboards. In recent years, many business users have expressed frustration with the quality of Apple keyboards., which prompts more buyers to consider other options.

Increasingly, owners and managers of small businesses are making IT-related purchasing decisions. Buying keyboards may seem like an incidental part of a company’s day-to-day operations, but the right choice can make all the difference for workers who spend more than eight hours a day on their machines. Mac-centric office managers are smart about how their employees work (as well as their bottom line) when they buy keyboards, which is why we’ve sorted this list by use case and included a diverse range of ‘devices at different prices.

Final verdict

Logitech MX Keys for Mac (see on Amazon) are our top choice for most business users, especially those who love Apple’s design and feel. The MX keys offer more functionality than the Apple Magic Keyboard, and they do so at a lower price, which is a godsend for business owners who buy in bulk. Best of all, it fits seamlessly into the Apple ecosystem, so there’s no learning curve for Mac enthusiasts.

Mac keyboard faqs for business

Why isn’t an Apple keyboard on this list?

Apple keyboards are generally attractive and well-built, but they are expensive and only offer basic functionality. Apple keyboards are not diverse in design, feature set, or price. The keyboards on this list offer top-notch design and functionality compared to other Mac-compatible keyboards, including those made by Apple.

What is a mechanical keyboard?

On a mechanical keyboard, each key has its own mechanical switch inside, and that switch acts as a trigger for that single key. For this reason, multiple keys can be pressed at the same time without the computer locking up or none of the keys missing. Most laptops don’t have mechanical keyboards. Instead, laptops typically have individual keys that each touch a sensor strip, which runs across the entire keyboard, and hits each of the keys in turn. If you type too quickly or press multiple keys at the same time on a non-mechanical keyboard, the keys will sometimes fail to register or hang.

Which position is the best for an ergonomic grip?

Everything from shoulder width to height to arm length has an impact on ergonomics. “You should be able to comfortably type on the keyboard with your hands as flat, horizontal and not [bent] up or down, ”according to Humanuse ergonomics consultant and Cornell Professor Emeritus, Dr. Alan Hedge. “You should be able to comfortably press the keys; not too stiff, not too little resistance. If the keys are too stiff or too light when you press them, it can slow you down and be uncomfortable. ”

Investing in a more ergonomic workplace benefits workers by supporting their long-term health, and it can benefit businesses by improving productivity. Creating an ergonomic workspace doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive, there are many free business resources available. available online.

But not all ergonomic keyboards or split keyboards will work for all users. “If the keyboard is tilted too much, it can slow you down. If you have small hands, don’t use a large keyboard, and vice versa. If you’re not a typist, don’t try a split keyboard,” he said. said Haie.

What is touch input?

Typing is the act of typing on a keyboard without looking at your hands or the keyboard. Muscle memory allows many computer users to type without looking, allowing them to type at faster speeds and more easily adapt to different types of keyboards. Taking typing lessons can help you develop the ability to type by touch rather than sight.

Why trust Investopedia

This list has been compiled by creating a master list of Mac compatible keyboard models that have been widely sold and reviewed. The writer relied on his own expertise and then winnowed the list by removing the worst performing keyboards based on basic usability, durability, feature set, price and ergonomics. . The remaining keyboards were sorted by use case, then compared on a more detailed level to each other until there was a resulting list of eight keyboards. The intention of this strategy was to create a list of high-quality Mac keyboards that meet the needs of various business users.

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