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New work from black fish director Gabriela Cowperthwaite, Werner Herzog and Klaus H.ӓrӧ are among TIFF Docs and Contemporary World Cinema lineups were announced on Wednesday, August 17.

Sasha Jenkins’ The Black and the Blues of Louis Armstrong is the TIFF DOCS opening night selection.

Anita Lee, Director of Programming at TIFF, said: “The films reflect the moment we live in and speak to who we are today, including highly anticipated films from veteran filmmakers around the world.”

All selections are world premieres unless otherwise stated. TIFF runs from September 8-18.


*Previously announced

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“This year’s TIFF Docs lineup offers a wonderful blend of joy, creativity and ingenuity in the face of adversity,” said TIFF Docs programmer Thom Powers, now in his 17th year overseeing the section. “In recent years, we have seen many films launched from this section into distribution deals and Oscar nominations. This year has a rich harvest for both.

*752 is not a number (Box)
Real. Babak Payami

All the beauty and bloodshed
Real. Laura Poitras
North American premiere

*Buffy Sainte-Marie: Carry on. (Box)
Real. Madison Thomas

Casa Susanna (Fr-USA)
Real. Sebastien Lifshitz
North American premiere

Ciné-Guérillas: Scenes from the Labudovivs Reels (Ser-Fr-Cro-Mon)
Real. Mila Turajlic

*Ink color (Box)
Real. Brian D. Johnson

Documentary now! (UNITED STATES)
say. Alex Buono, Rhys Thomas, Micah Gardner

*Always Deadly (Box)
say. Tanya Tagaq, Chelsea McMullan

Free money (Ken-USA)
say. Sam Soko, Lauren DeFilippo

Mariupolis 2 (Lith-Fr-All)
Real. Mantas Kvedaravicius
North American premiere

Real. Gabriela Cowperthwaite

In his hands (US-Afg)
say. Tamana Ayazi, Marcel Mettelsiefen

TIFF DOCS Opening Movie
*Louis Armstrong’s black and blues
Real. Sasha Jenkins

Maya and the wave (UNITED STATES)
Real. Stephanie Johnes

Miúcha, The Voice Of Bossa Nova (Bra-Fr)
say. Daniel Zarvos, Liliane Mutti
Canadian premiere

My imaginary country (Mi País Imaginari, Chil-Fr)
Real. Patricio Guzman | Chile, France
North American premiere

Patrick and the whale (Australia)
Real. Marc Flecher

Pray for our sinners (Anger)
Real. Sinead O’Shea

Self-portrait in a coffee maker (SA-USA)
Real. William Kentridge

Theater of Thought (UNITED STATES)
Real. Werner Herzog
International premiere

*To kill a tiger (Box)
Real. Nisha Pahuja

As we watched (UK)
Real. Vinai Shukla

DOC Conversations at the TIFF Industry Conference

On September 13, the industry conference will focus on conversations about the craft and business of documentary filmmaking. Access to the program will be available to all holders of a press and industry pass.

VISIONARIES: Inside the brain of Werner Herzog
Presented by Showtime

In his new movie Theater Of thought, Werner Herzog (turning 80 in September) explores the latest advances in brain research. He is joined by two personalities who appear in the film, brain scientist Rafael Yuste and entrepreneur Jamie Davies, to discuss the hopes and fears for the future of brain exploration.

Visionaries: What Laura Poitras learned from Nan Goldin
Presented by Showtime

Oscar-winning director Laura Poitras (Citizenfour) shares what she learned over three years while making her new movie All the beauty and bloodshed. The film portrays artist Nan Goldin, who campaigned for museums to disassociate themselves from the patronage of the Sackler family, owners of the opioid company Purdue Pharma.

Dialogues: covering Afghanistan for In Her Hands
Presented by Showtime
A Sharing your journey initiative

The new documentary In his hands ffocuses on Afghanistan’s youngest female mayor, Zarifa Ghafari, during the tumultuous period of the Taliban’s return to power. Filmmakers Tamana Ayazi and Marcel Mettelsiefen share clips while reflecting on the challenges of filming in wartime conditions.

Board Game Perspectives Truth, Lies and a Million Dollars
Presented by Showtime

Filmmaker Vinay Shukla joins to discuss his new film As we watched, which profiles NDTV India journalist Ravish Kumar as he struggles to maintain journalistic independence under death threats. For Shukla’s Previous Documentary An insignificant mothern, his team created a board game that gained massive support on Kickstarter. He will discuss plans to follow that model by pairing a board game with his new film.

Perspectives DocuMentality: the growth of a movement
Presented by Showtime

DocuMentality is a growing initiative that aims to normalize mental health conversations in the documentary industry and provide best practice guidance to filmmakers. The project started with efforts in the UK and the US. Today, the Documentary Organization of Canada (DOC) is spearheading a new wave of focus groups with support from the Canada Media Fund. In this panel, audiences will hear DocuMentality team member Malikkah Rollins and DOC’s Sarah Spring talk about the movement’s past, present and future. Filmmaker Rebeca Huntt will describe what she learned about maintaining mental balance while making her intensely personal film Baby which premiered at TIFF last year. Moderator: Inney Prakash (Maysles Documentary Center).


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“TIFF’s Contemporary World Cinema program features a carefully curated selection of unique stories by established filmmakers and talents with bold visions from around the world,” said Diana Cadavid, International Programmer. “Through an ambitious program of over 50 films, audiences will have the opportunity to engage in the exciting directions in which cinema can lead our understanding of a wide range of human subjects and experiences.”

After Sun (UK-US)
Real. Charlotte Wells
North American premiere

alam (Fr-Pal-Tun-Sau-Qat)
Real. Firas Khoury

Amanda (This)
Real. Caroline Cavalli
International premiere

Ashkal (En-Tun-Qat)
Real. Youssef Chebi
North American premiere

Autobiography (Indo-Fr-Sing-Pol-Phi-Ger-Qat)
Real. Makbul Mubarak
North American premiere

beyond the wall (Shab, Dkheli, Divar, Iran)
Real. Vahid Jalilvand
North American premiere

* Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman (Fr-Lu-Can-Net)
Real. Pierre Foldes
International premiere

* Crows bones (Box)
Real. Mary Clement

*Coyote (The Coyote, Canada)
Real. Katherine Jerkovic

Domingo and the mist (Domingo and La Niebla, CR-Qat)
Real. Ariel Escalante Meza
North American premiere

El Agua (Sw-Sp-Fr)
Real. Elena Lopez Riera
North American premiere

*The end of sex To analyse)
Real. Sean Garry

HEY (Pol-It)
Real. Jerzy Skolimowski
North American premiere

* Falcon Lake (Box)
Real. Charlotte LeBon
North American premiere

*Fixation (Can-USA-All)
Dr. Mercedes Bryce Morgan

Godland (Vanskabte Land/Volaða Land, Den-Ice-Fr-Swe)
Real. Hlynur Palmason

The happiest man in the world (Nth Mac-Bel-Slo-Den-Cro-Bos)
Real. Teona Strugar Mitevska
North American premiere

The hotel (HK)
Real. Wang Xiaoshuai

The Jauría (Col-Fr)
Real. Andres Ramirez Pulido

Life (Жизнь, Kaz)
Real. Emir Baigazin

Living (UK)
Real. Oliver Hermanus

Love and Mathematics (Amor y Matemáticas, Mexican)
Real. Claudia Sainte Luce

Love life (Jap-Fr)
Real. Koji Fukada
North American premiere

Luxemburg, Luxemburg (ukr)
Real. Antonio Lukich
North American premiere

*The girl (Box)
Real. Graham Foy
North American premiere

Manticore (Manticora, Sp)
Real. Carlos Vermout
North American premiere

Muru (NZ)
Real. Tearepa Kahi
International premiere

My sailor, my love (Fin-Ire)
Real. Klaus Horo

night talk (Box)
Real. Donald Shebib

*North of normal (Box)
Real. Peter Carly

The origin of evil (Fr-Can)
Real. Sebastian Marnier
North American premiere

Diet 75 (Jap-Fr-Phil-Qat)
Real. Chie Hayakawa
North American premiere

back to dust (Box)
Real. Li Ruijun
North American premiere

NMR (rom-ve)
Real. Christian Mungiu
North American premiere

* So much tenderness (Box)
Real. Lina Rodriguez

Sparta (Aus-Fr-Ger)
Real. Ulrich Seidl

*Stellar (Box)
Real. Darlene Naponse

Stone wall (Japanese)
Real. Huang Ji, Ryuji Otsuka
North American premiere

*The swearing jar (Box)
Real. Lindsay McKay

Umbrella Men (HER)
Real. John Barker
International premiere

under the fig trees (Tun-Swi-Fr-Qat)
Real. Erect Sehiri
North American premiere

Valeria is getting married (East)
Real. Michal Vinik
North American premiere

Victim (OBET, Slov-Cze-Ger)
Real. Michal Blasko
North American premiere

Vicenta B. (Cub-Fr-USA-Col-Nor)
Real. Carlos Lechuga

Marine of war (Krigsseilen, Nor-Ger)
Real. Gunnar Vikene
International premiere

We are always here (Australia-NZ)
say. Beck Cole, Dena Curtis, Tracey Rigney, Danielle MacLean, Tim Worrall, Renae Maihi, Miki Magasiva, Mario Gaoa, Richard Curtis, Chantelle Burgoyne
International premiere

Wild flower (UNITED STATES)
Real. Matt Smukler

Winter Boy (The High School Boy, Fri)
Real. Christophe Honore

The worst (fri)
say. Lise Akoka, Romane Gueret
North American premiere

Zwigato (Indiana)
Real. Nandita Das


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Real. Mile Warren.

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