What will be announced at Google’s event

Summer is coming to an end, which can only mean one thing: Google’s annual fall event is officially approaching. Yes, that’s right – the next Made by Google launch is only a few weeks away. While some early announcements may mean fewer surprises than usual, we still expect to see some unannounced hardware. Here’s everything we know about this fall’s Made by Google event.


When is the Made by Google event?

Google typically holds its fall launch in October, and this year is no exception. The next Made by Google event is scheduled for Thursday, October 6, 2022 at 10 a.m. ET. This year’s launch includes an in-person presence in New York, but you’ll also be able to watch from home by tuning into the company’s live stream. Just head to the official event page that day and you’ll be good to go – no registration required.

If you want to be reminded before the broadcast starts, you can optionally add the event to your Google Calendar.

What will Google announce at its event?

It looks like this year’s launch is gearing up to be a big one. From phones to wearables and beyond, expect Google to bring a lot to this event.

Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro

No need to beat around the bush here: Google will be launch the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro in October. It’s not wild speculation either – the company confirmed this in its announcement. Both devices were unveiled at I/O in May, presumably in an effort to avoid widespread leaks and rumors as in the past. Unfortunately, this attempt was largely unsuccessful; The first Pixel 7 units have appeared on eBay several times over the past few months, not to mention the usual hype cycle.

Source: Google

All told, we expect iterative updates to the design that Google unveiled last year. It makes sense – the current Pixel look is bold, striking and easily recognizable. Google is building a brand for Pixel in an effort to compete with the best phones around. Even if this look isn’t your cup of tea, we can see why they’d keep it for another year. Expect the usual series of performance improvements, camera tweaks and surprise software features. In other words, it’s a Pixel launch.

Pixel Watch

There’s another device confirmed to make an October appearance: the Pixel Watch. Google’s first wearable arrives with a mountain of hype and expectation, as well as some serious competition from rival-turned-partner Samsung. We’ve waited a long time for a first-party Wear OS device, and the Pixel Watch will have a lot to prove when it hits store shelves after the event.

With a sleek, sleek, one-size-fits-all design, proprietary band system, and large bezels around the edge of the screen, it’s bound to be divisive among potential buyers. Really, whether this watch is a success or not probably depends on two things: software and performance. We expect to see plenty of Fitbit integration with the Pixel Watch, cementing it as a sleek replacement for dedicated fitness trackers. Unfortunately, the performance side of things is murky. With rumors of an older, outdated SoC and relatively small battery, it may not hold up to what we’ve seen of the best smartwatches available today.

Nest Hardware

While we know some sort of Nest hardware will be showing up at this year’s event – Google’s blog tells us – it’s unclear what we’ll actually see. We’ve heard of a refreshed Nest Wifi router with support for Wi-Fi 6E, and given that it went through the FCC last month, that seems as likely as anything. It’s also been nearly a year since Google told us that a second-generation wired Nest doorbell would arrive in 2022. If it doesn’t show up in that event, it seems safe to say it’s dead.


Technically, Google’s Chromecast devices are considered smart home gadgets, which means a new streaming stick could be considered one of the Nest devices confirmed to appear in October. Still, we separate it into its own category because, at this point, Chromecast 1080p with Google TV has been leaking for the better part of a year. We even saw footage of it recently – surprise, it looks like another Chromecast.

While this streaming stick is sure to disappoint high-end users, if you’ve been waiting for a low-cost Google TV device to throw in the bedroom or guest room, this might be the perfect option.

Pixel tablet

We are now entering the “surprise” category. Although Google has announced its Pixel I/O tablet alongside the Pixel 7 series, it’s slated for a 2023 launch date. The company hasn’t revealed much about it, though evidence continues. to build up that it will double as a dockable smart hub, similar to the Nest Hub Max in screen size. That could mean this device falls under the Nest branch of Made by Google.

Still, we don’t expect to see many. While a tease isn’t out of the question – again, I/O has set plenty of precedents here – Google’s blog post announcing this event specifically mentions that everything advertised devices will be available for purchase the same day on the company’s website. While this is great news for anyone hoping to pre-order the Pixel 7, it also means we probably won’t see much of the Pixel tablet. However, it’s an announced product, and while it’s not ready for the holidays, a little teaser to keep Android users excited — and to buy any other great tablet out there — is there. is not out of reach.

Bendable Pixel

While the Pixel tablet is an unlikely – albeit potential – surprise at this year’s Made by Google launch, the foldable Pixel looks more like a pipe dream. Unlike the slate, Google has yet to confirm the existence of a foldable Pixel phone, and it looks like announcing a phone alongside the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro could drive users away from its latest phone. Lighthouse. Given the company’s recent affinity for announcing hardware in advance, it’s possible this device will make its first public appearance on October 6th. We wouldn’t count on it.

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