Why Honor focused on bringing vlogging solutions to users

What are the competitive advantages of the Honor 70 compared to its competitors?
A testament to our mission to empower people with technology that helps them go beyond and our commitment to solving common consumer issues, the Honor 70 offers our consumers in the Middle East a series of software and exceptional hardware and features, with the overall goal of creating a smarter, more connected world. We think it offers a compelling option for consumers looking for a high-end smartphone that offers innovative vlogging and photography solutions, with a sleek design. Setting a new standard for mobile vlogging, the Honor 70 delivers a giant leap forward in mobile imaging and video performance, providing users with the first-ever solo cut vlogging mode and a dual main camera, featuring a 54 MP IMX800 super sensing main camera. As the world’s first mid-range smartphone to adopt the flagship 1/1.49-inch IMX800 sensor, it’s perfect for users who demand innovative technology to support their creative ambitions.

Why have you focused on bringing innovative vlogging solutions to Honor 70 smartphone users?
With the emergence of video platforms such as TikTok, Instagram and Snapchat, more and more young people around the world are encouraged to shoot and share more videos. As a result, young consumers are no longer content with just images but prefer to shoot videos to record beautiful and meaningful moments in their lives. With the ambition to deliver awesome mainstream features, including fun and smart vlogging capabilities, the Honor 70 introduces the first-ever single-player vlogging feature. Boasting specialized autofocus people tracking technology, the solo cut vlog mode allows users to spotlight a specific person in a group video, taking the vlogging experience to a whole new level. in industry. Additionally, users can switch between front and rear cameras while filming using multi-video mode, providing a one-take recording technique commonly used in the film industry. With the ability to switch between cameras without interruption, the smartphone gives users greater freedom and flexibility to create video content easily and freely.

What is the key strategy for future expansion in the UAE market?
Our goal in the market is to create the image of a global iconic technology brand that provides all scenario products, not just smartphones. As a brand, we are focused on building our vision as an all-scenario product company as we plan to bring a range of products including smartphones, PCs, wearables and audio products to users. of the Middle East in the coming months. Currently, in GCC, our products are present in more than 1,000 stores, and we work closely with KDR and IR channels in this region, with KDR being preferred to the maximum. We will also focus on building our recently launched e-commerce store – HiHonor.com, which will provide customers with easy access to our products and services. We will also open an Honor Brand store to build consumer trust and provide the best services.

What are you doing in terms of service and quality management?
To improve customer service in the UAE, we recently launched a service and repair center in partnership with Pedigri Technologies and will soon be launching another repair center in the region. Keeping consumer convenience a top priority, the service and repair store offers a one-stop solution to meet all of their needs. Honor strives to establish a premium brand with quality and experience, focusing on quality, innovation and service as key elements of its strategy. The company continues to push the boundaries of customer service, delivering a human-centric experience that exceeds customer expectations and empowers users to improve their lives through technology. Focusing on customers who prefer online connection and service, Honor Support helps them to virtually contact the service team and get instant support. To ensure consistency in product quality, we invest resources in key custom components, designs and manufacturing plants and independently develop and operate automated equipment and procedures. This allows us to achieve “intelligent manufacturing”, as well as high quality and consistency across our entire product line. Additionally, we strive to provide best-in-class user experience to users around the world.

What Honor products are in the works?
Encouraged by the unprecedented success of our tablet portfolio in China, we are launching the Honor Pad 8 in September. The Honor Pad 8 demonstrates our continuous efforts to innovate and introduce industry-leading tablets to strengthen our intelligent Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem to provide seamless navigation between devices for all our users. The Honor Pad 8 is primarily aimed at consumers looking for a versatile tablet with impressive features to meet their work, education, and entertainment needs. In the first half of 2023, we will focus on the Magic series, which will include a foldable device and a flagship.

How does Honor Pad 8 provide a full smart experience?
The Honor Pad 8 comes with the latest Honor Magic 6.1 user interface based on Android 12, offering a range of enhanced and personalized features to deliver a smart experience to users. For example, with Honor Share, the tablet enables fast cross-system file transfers between an Honor tablet, smartphone, and PC supporting Honor PC Manager, keeping users ahead and connected. Meanwhile, with enhanced multi-screen collaboration capabilities, the Honor Pad 8 allows users to easily multitask between tablet and smartphone. The tablet also supports App Extender, allowing users to use two apps simultaneously on a single screen. Users can switch between apps in parallel or horizontally and lock one side of the screen when they need to focus on a task. Moreover, it offers multi-window viewing, allowing users to multitask using a split screen, which improves efficiency no matter whether users are working, watching movies and games or read. Up to three different apps can run simultaneously on the same screen, giving users an enhanced experience of multi-tasking independently.

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